2 Tap 50cc Apelino


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About the Apelino

The Taps


2 Taps with a stainless steel catchment tray and underneath shelf

The Fridges


Stainless Steel Keg fridges designed to go to -5C



The Apelino has a stainless insulated esky with 2 x cast aluminum cold plates. The Beer will come out of the keg, through the beer lines into the esky, packed full of ice, through the cold plates and icy cold out through the taps.

Important Details


Your kegs need to be chilled to 2 degrees (preferably colder). Warm kegs will not cool down in time in order to pour an icy beer.

Does it drive?


The Apelino does start and has a 50cc fuel engine with 3 gears and a reverse.

It's transported to the event on a trailer and will be setup and put back on the trailer by our team.



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